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Discover Contre Courant

CONTRE COURANT is a company specialised in studying and manufacturing custom-built running rigging and standing rigging, and also all other types of splicing work.

Established in south Finistère, it operates all over France but also internationally.

Many of the best open sea skippers acknowledge the seriousness and quality of its work to which it owes its well-attested reputation.

Far from wanting to remain exclusively elitist, and eager to share its experience, CONTRE COURANT adapts its knowledge to all types of units (races, cruises, dinghies, classic and traditional rigging…) and all sectors of activity (open sea racing, cruising, merchant navy, industry…).

A Policy of rigorous work privileges quality over quantity, on all braided or 3 stranded textiles.

CONTRE COURANT is a member of the network of independent riggers and a subcontractor of companies, which appeals to its competences for splicing works during periods of over activity (Vendée Globe, route du Rhum…).

The company adapts to each project that is the object of a personalized study before a free detailed quotation.

Meet Laurent Chateignier

Born in 1966, Laurent Chateignier is not a mainstream character. His heterogeneous career, always leading him through maritime and travelling channels, has given him several professional lives.

Not always in phase with school, preferring sailing and deep-sea diving, he joined the National navy, in which he practised his diving speciality, as a boatswain and mastered his first splicings, monkey’s fists and other oddities…

After a training course at the Institut National de Plongée Professionnelle (Professional diving national institute), he began a scuba diving career, which lasted around fifteen years on different submarine or maritime sites.

At the same time, a stroke of chance made him take up archaeological studies, which brought him to numerous excavation sites, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and more occasionally during “treasure hunts”.

The sea air being stronger, and after having passed the required diplomas (Brevet de Patron Plaisance Voile, Capacitaire, Brevet d’Etat Voile – French equivalents of yacht master), he invested himself fully in sailing life. He then became racing boat preparer by preparing and assisting Bénéteau Figaros and 60 feet boats.

Returning to his first experiences, it was naturally that he specialized in ropes and rigging after having completed his splicing knowledge with Blew Stoub.

In 2005, his independent character and dynamism encouraged him to set up the CONTRE COURANT Company.